November 2, 2018

Set For The Sky - A Taste of Things to Come

After 2 years, Cape Town based band “Set For The Sky” return with their new single “Alibi” which features a shift in direction for the band. Alibi is incredibly energetic throughout and we enjoyed how the track progressively evolves between the verses, choruses and bridges. The song is produced very well with a great blend between electronic elements, guitars, drums and vocals. If this song is anything to go by, then we are really excited to hear what the full-length album sounds like.



We caught up with drummer Alex von Gossler for some comments on the new single, production and upcoming shows:


“Alibi has been in production for the better part two years and it has seen multiple revisions and changes over that time as our taste and vision evolved. Bouncing a song between 4 people tends to draw a dangerous quality control filter and as a result, we’ve often found ourselves scrapping most ideas and only keeping the parts we liked best. We’ve also tried to pay closer attention to detail with Alibi than we have with our music in the past, taking the time to polish all corners.


Alibi is one of our heavier lyrically charged songs, conceptually dealing with being a prisoner in your own mind and how destructive it can be to yourself and those around you. Although it covers some other mental struggles, the overlaying positive message is that you have to face your own issues because nobody else can or will do that for you.


We've all grown and matured since our previous releases (at least we hope so, haha), and so has our style, sound and lyrical content. The new content is definitely a bit heavier than what our fans have been used to but it’s safe to say that Alibi is a good example of what to expect from us moving forward. Not all music will have the same dark theming, but we have tried our best to pull what we loved about SFTS and introduce it to new tastes and elements.


As for production and recording, our bassist (JD) is an engineer so everything is done in-house at his studio. (With the exception of mastering, which was done by the infamous Clint Watts)


Our next show is on the Jam Packed Productions Our Last Night Tour on the 17th of November at Mercury Live, where you can see Alibi and other new things live.”


By Luke Coyle-Dowling, Dill Jones and Scott Zambonini


Set For The Sky is:


James Roberts - Vocals

Trent Richardson - Guitars

JD Viljoen - Bass

Alex von Gossler - Drums




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November 2, 2018

Set For The Sky - A Taste of Things to Come

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