November 21, 2018

Our Last Night Live at Mercury 2018

This past Saturday Space Brother Production crew members, Dill Jones and Scott Zambonini attended the sold out Our Last Night show at Mercury in Cape Town brought to us by Jam Packed Productions. This is an account of their experience:


The Cape Town tour leg was in such high demand that an additional show was added on the Friday as Our Last Night 2.0 which we are sure will be written about elsewhere. We awoke on a beautiful Saturday morning in the mother city filled with a great deal of anticipation for yet another international rock act to grace our South African shores along with a flurry of local support acts.



We arrived at 18:30 to an already packed venue with fans ready for a night of music despite the springboks playing at 19:00. Treehouse Burning kicked things off with a tight and brutal set which oozed some much loved deathcore layered with modern samples which got the crowd woke and ready. Next up was One Day Sky who brought in a sophisticated well mixed set with an awesome clean vocal performance balanced with kemper driven riffage much to the delight of audiophiles within the crowd such as us. Another familiar act who made their long awaited return was Set for the Sky who brought a tonne of energy to the crowd as well as performing their latest single which we previously reviewed HERE. The final supporting act was none other than As Time Divides whom performed tracks from their latest release which we reviewed a couple weeks back over HERE. The band showed that they are more than capable of pulling off their album tracks live with a great performance.



Our Last Night came on stage to a lauded applause from fans keen on the performance. OLN showed international class proving that they are not just a by the numbers Youtube band with heavy post production vs. poor live performance. After a set to remember the night ended with another successful live 2018 event.


-By Scott Zambonini and Dill Jones


About Our Last Night:


New Hampshire-based post-hardcore band Our Last Nightwas formed in 2004 by brothers Trevor (vocals) and Matt Wentworth (guitar, vocals), along with childhood friends Alex Woodrow (bass), Colin Perry (guitar), and Tim Molloy(drums). Combining the melodic structures of emo with the guttural sounds of hardcore, Our Last Night sporadically toured the New England area for three years, releasing several EPs and self-made demos along the way. These recordings found their way to Epitaph, where label owner Brett Gurewitz took interest in the band's maturity and wide-ranging vocals. The label signed Our Last Night in the summer of 2007, and the group soon headed west to record its debut album in Orange County, California. Completed later that year, The Ghosts Among Us was released in early 2008, followed two years later by We Will All Evolve in 2010. For their next album, the band began to refine their sound, moving in a more melodic, post-hardcore direction with few metal moments on their third album, 2012's Age of Ignorance. That same year, guitarist Colin Perry left the group and they began to further alter their sound, releasing an EP of cover songs as well as acoustic and electric versions of their 2013 EP Oak IslandsOur Last Night's fifth full-length album, Younger Dreams, arrived in the summer of 2015.

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November 21, 2018

Our Last Night Live at Mercury 2018

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